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Legislative and Executive Office Lobbying

At The CJR Group, we understand the legislative process. Combined, our team has decades of experience working on Capitol Hill and in the Ohio Statehouse. Over that time, we have established strong professional relationships with Ohio’s statewide officials, Members of Congress, state legislators, and key staff at all levels of government.

We work hard to ensure top officials and lawmakers have accurate information regarding our clients, their operations, and the potential impacts of pending legislation or policy changes.  Our constant presence ensures our ability to successfully advocate for our clients’ best interests in a variety of ways.

Administrative Regulations

A simple change in regulatory policy at a state or federal regulatory agency can have a substantial impact. We work closely with state and federal agencies to advocate on behalf of our clients, to protect their interests, and to ensure that policymakers understand the consequences regulatory rules and actions have on our clients and their affected industries.

State & Federal Funding

Every year, billions of dollars are disbursed in funding through grants and the budgeting and appropriations processes.  We understand these complex processes and help clients to identify funding opportunities. Once identified, we then formulate and enact a strategy for success to give our clients the best chance possible to secure the funding they desire.

Public Relations

A strong public relations campaign can be a vital ingredient in a successful government relations strategy. We are able to advise our clients on a variety of ways to raise awareness of their issue, including: community engagement and the coordination of grassroots campaigns; educating lawmakers about our clients and their businesses and priorities; engaging institutional stakeholders in the research and philanthropic communities; and coaching our clients on how to effectively engage local, state, and national media sources.

Government Procurement

Oftentimes it is difficult to maneuver government procurement processes and identify where opportunities exist for private sector companies to improve government services. The CJR Group understands our clients’ products and capabilities so that we can take ideas to policy makers to help locate existing opportunities or create new ones.

Campaign Advisors

Our team has managed and advised campaigns at every level of government. We know how to develop a campaign plan with appropriate priorities and budgets. We also have the experience to advise our clients on the tactics necessary to win a campaign

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